In-Con Sequential Art

Zombie Shuffle (Eraser:Face Remix feat. Death*Star) [Gonken]

Stagger-step out of my crypt; dead hand comes to grips
Know my mortal coil’s been slipped
It figures, joints locked up with rigors
I’m a vigorless corpse conscript

I struggle to shamble -- knees always ache
Can’t you tell from the groans and the noises that I make?
Rigor mortis doesn’t mollify to marathon walkin’
Languor in my limbs leads to leaden pop n’ lockin’

I’m dragging my feet, I’m losing my teeth
I’m all rotted meat, I’m dead underneath
All my shredded clothes, infested with flies
All up in my nose, and stuck in my eyes
Sure I wanna groove, yeah I gotta dance
Could I bust a move, heheh not a chance

In the Zombie shuffle I walk in a trance
A chorus of cadavers, all together we advance