In-Con Sequential Art

You Make Me Touch Your Hands for Stupid Reasons

Nobody talks about the wit of a parrot
It's apparent to me, I can no longer silently grin and bare it
The election is over, nobody voted for Pedro
Please pour out your PBR and take a deep swig of draino

A dancing baby in the 90s cabbage patch to hamster dance
Watching lonelygirl15 is your version of romance
The denim tuxedo fades on your Chuck Norris shtick
You've Rick-Rolled so hard and long that I'm getting motion sick

Sing, You're the one that I want, but no one wants you around
That's why you sing it by yourself, you've run it into the ground
Bake a companion cube cake so you could tell me it's a lie
You shouldn't lie to your friends, don't say you're not my friend, guy

I'm tired of trying to answer you these questions three
I understand you think it's funny to be a knight that says nee!
Started spouting Numa Numa, realized it's time to go
Stutter, stammering with anger, hand the mic to 3PO

We are the knights who say who gives a fuck
You've run amok and turned the dial on geekery from blow to suck
We're so sick of black knights, men in tights, and twilights
that we'll fight till they die and we'll read their last rights

Tim Burton movies are alright but they're not a fucking scripture
Harry Potter won't greet you in the last days of rapture
No Mudkip songs left to capture get chocolate rain out my face
Get the LOL Cat's out the picture, I've stomped on all of your base

You don't make me horny baby, you can't have a mountain dew
life's not like a box of chocolates, this answer's not “42”
You make me touch your hands for stupid reasons, there never ceases to be
A crowd that's thieving plagiarizing the millions

Of brilliant pop culture moments, can you not murder their potence?
You say that line like you own it, but you did not write, “Mmmm, Donut.”
So stop flogging that horse and write your own material
If you need help there's a schwartz ring in that box of cereal
I love pork