In-Con Sequential Art

Who & I


Run it into the ground, sound advice regardless
But I wish I wasn’t heartless and my vice a harsh breath
This bard rests on you, but you’ll not have me on my laurels
Never satisfied or glad to sigh through our once loved quarrels
Morals, manners, matters of money managed murder of our ending
Here I find I’ve broken you with my belabored unbending
Unending need to push, pursue, in the direction not at home
Left you with tears, left with my fears, left us alone
I’ve blown by a few, some used, some abused, in my pursuits
Sometimes I choose, sometimes they choose, but it always remains true
You, it’s not enough, we, it leaves me wanting
Never sated, never baited, never waited, always haunting
What once was jaunting is now a trudge toward an unknown destination
Some growth, the rest gestation, waiting for any kinda sensation
But I’m impatient, trying to find something better in a stream of love letters
So I’ll remain the heart shredder, beat beggar, companion quester
(whisper) I need a jester

Call it love, if you wanna; if the shoe fits, kick it
Clicked my heels for a good witch -- turns out I was wicked
It's a sickness that's quickened, you're not down enough to drown
Sad king, sadder kingdom, as I fell and broke my crown
Turns out hindsight is the only looking I could ever manage
Games of blame to days of shame, guess you can bill me for the damage
Not that you're wholly without fault -- you did enough to leave your mark
Turned our together in the sunshine into alone in the dark
And realistically, I'm heartbroken, but I could see this coming
Like the lyrics to a song I didn't realize I was humming
And I'm less sorry things went bitter for that happiness I tasted
Than for days to weeks to months of fucking time that I've now wasted
It's not you, it's me; and by that, I mean I'm what mattered
I thought that you were all I needed, but that pedestal's been shattered
It's unflattering, but in the end, there's nothing nice to say
I'm done with working for a dead-end cause; this android's earned his play

Wasted time, like rhymes, thrown away and forgotten
A cycle recycled, cupid looped the id, and I’ve caught sin
But regret and guilt leave as easily as I do, out the door
Any twinge of sadness disappears before it hits the floor
Adoration, saturation, satisfaction from Adulation
Enjoying all the praise, but not the product, and seeking convocation
Collaboration, conflagration, any sort of spark of purpose
Something inside of me seeks to break from this bonded surface

Summer's gone, but not forgotten -- emptiness inside the chest of me
She took the best of me, confessed; but there's still destiny
So now I'm questin'; three of a kind, it's in my mind
Drawn together since forever by a greater design
It's fate or just time; clock's tickin', Father Time flows fast
If this distressin' is a lesson then things just don't last
Future or past? I'm done letting my heart take up the lead
In this fate foretold by fortune it's a partner that I need