In-Con Sequential Art

Voice of Destiny

Some seek the simple Emerson ends, remembered by friends
Forgotten like they were pretend, trendless in blend
Faceless brothers and mothers, from another when
Forgotten captains meeting death while their wales ascend, (to greatness)
From carved initials to signatures on documents
The records of my living will bring more than a plot to rent
With a three word headstone, a name and a time of living
Pressed to poetics, prophetics, performance and groove giving
Spiral out to that event horizon
All alone in armageddon, every man an island
But hark this herald crying from his fevered brain
I take a drink and seek a link in my chain
Boldly going into that good night
All them muggles struggle 'gainst it, I turned out the light
And in the ever-dimming dwindle of a dying sun
I find completion in the two made one

An entity of change, two atoms and a bond
The fire to the forest, more a waterfall then a pond
Fatalistic partners for the ultimate crime
Reaching out to touch somebody, we be droppin' that dime
Waiting gathers dust, and I’d rather be aged by marble
But for that I seek the AC to DC, the DC to Marvel
And as the duo dips to destiny I suddenly see
How much we need to turn this two into three
There were always two, with a third to join the darkness
Light is sought for safety but the world is changed by the parlous
Welcome to the end of days, vinyl keeps spinnin'
Like a top when the music plays in time with the beginning
Of the end; seek a friend for the fall of the world
Weep and wend in that final twirl
Hypocrite, not hypocrat, neither Judas or Jefferson
Cursed with worth, froth for first, end of greatness, whatever’s done

Hear the song in the mode like a drone, pick up the phone
Calling out but there’s nobody home, stick with the tone
Sick and alone; a destined duo but we’re missing a piece
Got the voices harmonized, we’re reminiscing for beats
Pick up our feet; needs must when the devil drives
Word on the street; beat thrusts when the levels rise
And we’re drawn forever forward toward one who’ll set
Our wrongs to rights in this triumvirate
One for force, one for direction, and one more for the drive
Wistfulness in our existence, now we’re fully alive
And the meaningless minutiae of a pitiful past
Turns out to be the truest path at last
The music blends as we’re much stronger than friends, everything mends
Tribulation in this terrible trend, perishing ends
And a burning of the truth inside the deepest of hearts
So much greater than the sum of our parts