In-Con Sequential Art

Villain of the Day: A Song of Ice and Fire

Tywin Lannister (MC-3PO)

There are lions in the hills, watch where you run
Lord of the Rock, rain's comin', I've already won
I'm the sunlight in this political atmosphere
Don't agree? Neither did the Lords of Castamere
Never fear; sheath the swords and spears
Start with the quills and ravens 'fore the North appears
I'm getting on in years and have a legacy to mind
Putting family first, and if it hurts, I'm cruel to be kind
A tool for every task, a man for every moment
Focused, chosen, potent, tone is sharp-spoken, aims the truest bowman
Never broken, never bending, neverending fire frozen
When the dragon did dishonor he declared his own opponent
Father to a daughter honorless and sons; the one a sot
And one besotted with the wrongest song, the cloak he's got
Is stained but valor venerates the fool; a leader lacks such morals
Eyes set on tomorrow, yet today ends with a traitor's quarrel

Petyr Baelish, Littlefinger (C0splay)

Catelyn Stark, understand that this mocking bird can sing like a lark
Secondhand without knocking heard the bleeding of hearts
Little man, little talking turned the tedious tarts, here’s the creepiest parts
See it’s easy to start, a scuffled child story with a scar on his face
He struggled climbing chaos rising up to this glorious place
His hunger replaced, his taste for love but not for her
So I choose to stir
With your familial accessories, lunatic with a little lord
Obsessed with me, lunar bitch through the moon door
Impressively, rumor sticks strong with the court
Aggressively, Possessive, me?
No incorrect, teach the game to your daughter as I take the vale
She’s Alayne now, her father, lost his head for tales
Told in vein, such a bother, all her brothers failed
And you’ve grown so pale, so this ship sailed