In-Con Sequential Art

To Each His Own


Between clammy and sweaty, controls moist to the touch
First rush, first button press, it didn’t take much
But with such, thousands more came over thousands of hours
Of leveling and fighting and collecting up powers
Climbing up towers, downward dungeon crawls
Cutting up cowards, the weakest will fall
My interest is simple, from the time I was 2
Video games, love letter from me to you

Started with Atari, Altered Beast lit the fire
Escaped a world of invaders to where plumbers were dire
World Saver, RPG Maker, Boom Block breaker
Safer single player, I’ve been an Xbox Live brayer
Community slayer, unity through common interest
Joystiq tryst, carpal tunnel of the wrist
Insist I get my hours daily from now 'til the grave
At the risk of relationships, baby, I’ve got worlds to save


Subscribed to Spider-Man when my age hit a dozen
Cletus Cassidy as Carnage, kill without repercussion
Reading Batman every dark night and straight until dawn
Coppin’ all variant covers for The Maxx and Spawn

Vertigo-ing into darker territory in my teens
With a tough-as-nails Preacher and the King of Dreams
Battle demons and cabals with my pal, the Hellblazer
Hunting on wolfback with an elf chief and his friend the stargazer

Ultimate, Elseworlds, What if?, All-Star
DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Avatar
Wildstorm, Vertigo, Crimson, and Helix
Brightest Day, Blackest Night, Crisis, and Dark Phoenix

Surrendered to the Grendel and joined forces with the Joes
Long boxes and polybags in the closet with my clothes
Crossing worlds with Meridian, jokes with the Comedian
Pickin’ up the trades to every tale I’d want to read again


Otaku til death or my fans all disown me
Every show's bishoujo is my tenderoni
Asuka, Misato and every Rei clone
Mari as well is another I'd take home
All the figurines decorating my man cave
Wallscrolls abound so that they seem to all pave
And I keep it all saved - ever on display
Wake up and ponder what I add this day
50 series preordered in manga and Blu-Ray?
I've dialed back from but only because the new wave
Doesn't match the old school - don't think that I'm above
But I can't get into manga like To-Love-Ru
I'm sorry if that cuts you like it's Tsukihime
But if I am Shiki, I hope that you'll be saved
From too much moe; take this from another
Watch more PlanetES, Twin Spica and Space Brothers