In-Con Sequential Art

The Architect

A point of view offset from understanding
Desires without discussion, needs without demanding
Social handling complex, communication askew
But mechanically inclined toward the strange and the new

True to form, disassembling and dissembling as to why
Computations for imagination, cameras for eyes
Requiring objects to reorder and mechanics to fix
Fixated on a rubber tub of multicolored bricks

Not toys; don’t misunderstand, it’s not so simple or plain
To make associations for that order of brain
But infinite options mean no stopping at instructions
Beyond the straightforward purpose to complicated constructions

Observation and deliberation slowly revealed
That the skills developed inwardly had shaped and annealed
A mind driven by chemistry to connect and correct
Shaping a misunderstood child into a Lego architect

First full-fledged form of expression. bored with depression, forward impression
More a progression, accession toward a core of attention
Some mentions in local periodical, non-vocal and near prodigal
Theosophical? Not very probable, but their response was always audible

Branded built to build, construction conveys both crisp and concisely
More precisely precise than their verbal niceties, 
No bright lights please, prefers that the spot light was dimmer
And don’t interrupt, no concerns or delight as the winner

Not finished, need a four-piece, square block
Then poor please, more stock, now stop, you’re boring, back off, record and top spot
On Youtube and now you would cut through the focus, 
Through undue compassion they think goes unnoticed

They’re impressed with the skill but also the condition
Mistake precision for purpose, meticulous for mission
To be the greatest at this, cause it’ll never meet the vision
There’s an awareness of greatness but no pursuit of permission

Pieces of the puzzle? Merely links in the chain
Connecting all the dots to what he thinks in his brain
The reigning refrain; more material, larger spaces
Building Taj Mahals of plastic for various places and faces

Renowned but unknown; unknowable aptitude
Placing sectional compositions with such great exactitude
For the gratitude of judges he won’t deign to address
The goal was ever to build, never impress

Considered bitter, blunt, a sitter, stunt, never a quitter
Endless hunt for a better front, a better bricker
Quicker of wit would likely be the next successor 
Representative of the colors, smile brighter, laugh fresher

It isn’t the pressure, but a caress for the order in chaos
It isn’t the glamor, or the offer of poor prize pay-offs
He’ll be laid off, one day, in the future, but at the moment
He’s the best lego architect in the world, without dethronment