In-Con Sequential Art

Suburban Champ

I am the King of Fighters worship no War Gods before me
Here comes a challenger another steps to their defeat
Just a beat-down, I'm flawless, you're done
A Primal Rage lives inside of me and this is why I've won

You lack the Killer Instinct, your blade has no soul
You might as well insert your coins but avoid the controls
You don't know the art of fighting in this Samurai Showdown
I'm the Dragon Master, you're just punching the clown

Like a creature from the night I'm your personal Dark Stalker
Kick harder than Chuck Norris as a ranger named Walker
We're not just killing time we're Time Killers, fight thrillers
Playing only the the best and ignoring the fillers

Round Two!

We're Street Fighter foes, just like Ken and Ryu
You're Marvel, I'm Capcom, and this is game two
Don't think of us as friends, I'm your bitter rival
The command says “Finish Him” this is about survival. 

The Mortal Kombat is done, like Pit Fighter you fail
I spit yoga fire, every time I exhale
Another Fight Night decided and I'm on a winning streak
So I pop in Guilty Gear, and we each select a freak

Just like Faust I'm surgical with my attacking selection
You throw down  your controller, and demand we play Tekken
Your spirit is weak, you're not at my Soul Calibur,
I have the edge, smash your melon head like Gallagher

Double jump, button mash, we're both Super Smash Brothers
Have you starving for victory, get some help from Sally Struthers
I've mastered Teras Kasi, Shokan, Shaqu Fu, and Pankration
with brutal paws of fury, I destroy your Playstation

your technique is as awkward as left hand masturbation
I am the King of Monsters, this Arena's my nation!

I'll beat any Clay Fighter into a meat wad
Watch you don't get touched by the hand of God (Hand)
It's Battle Arena Toshinden one sucka must fall
I'm wanted Dead or Alive (beach volley ball) you're not wanted at all
So many n00bz have fallen, on my Bushido Blade
And you know this Urban Champ gets bushido paid (laid)