In-Con Sequential Art

Song About EEZ [Dynamite Soufflé]

A long time ago on the MC Frontalot forums, a number of armchair rappers turned in verses for a song whose only consistent theme seemed to be that the subjects they rapped about ended in "eez", sound-wise. This was our contribution. We have no idea what became of the song; I don't think anyone ever linked the pieces together properly into one audio file.

Cut to the Death*Star MCs
Marquis, lyrical lordships, listen to our stees
Dynamite Soufflé leaving your belly ill at ease
Queasy as the cheese molds to a song about sleaze
Fuck trees, got wood enough for a girl that's Japanese
Domestically docile with various degrees
One in cleaning, one in cooking, one in knowing how to please
Cuddle up with a squeeze and a need to appease
Koopa please! In reality we're down on our knees
Play it cool like Happy Days and we're a couple of Fonzies
But we're really Henry Winkler and we're covered in bees
Anxieties disarming our hip hop expertise
Perhaps the key lies in action and not in repartee
Two wireless Gs casting eyes overseas
Pay the fees, shoot the breeze with the Chinese trustees
Learn ABCs in Cantonese for matrimonies
What I wouldn't give for just one kissing disease
Or the easy STDs for which there are remedies
All those maladies in melodies are mere fantasies
C0splay says it's a tease (yeah, and 3P agrees)