In-Con Sequential Art

Sleep Crime


Somnambulist proto-animist wayfarer of the moonlight
It’s a good night to be upright in the starlight, never know who might
Dip out the door in their underdrawers, bathrobe flappin’ like a shroud
Eyes closed, snorin’ through my nose, dreaming do-badder steppin’ on out
I should explain; something in my brain keeps me movin’ even while I’m snoozin’
Head trippin’ out, I’m tippin’ out, body doesn’t know what it’s doesy-doozin’
Lurchin’ zombie, dreams up on me, who knows what’s gotten into me?
Deep in the REM the Devil’s up again perpetratin’ criminal activity 

From the day’s dawn till the dusk
I’m a little less entertaining than rust
Just a middle classer complaining of dust
Allergy contractor refraining from lust
I’m about to bust, but it’s forced down
And I’m deep drowned, into sleep town
But no sheep count for this meek hound
Dreaming creep found to be street bound
I snooze sound, while I’m cracking the vault
Spilling the salt, driver at fault
Accident? The acts of men 
Of sandmen sent, it shows intent
Where I can’t act when I’m awake
My snores express my wish to take
The cash from drawers, the drawers from girls
Pajama felon, Nemo’s world 

Somewhere in the shadows there’s a villain out to capture ya
Somnolent, not malevolent; his battle cry is apnea
Pillaging and howling, no one’s home up in his head
So try a little kindness and let’s get him back to bed