In-Con Sequential Art

Outro to Saturday's Warrior

To each ending, a beginning; for each turn, turn about
Though the end seemed so inevitable, now cast in doubt
Survival past arrival of the fatal-est fate
Fall Icarus, though some pass through the Daedalus Gate
And that closes out this parable, or was it a joke?
Out of vitriol and bitterness a world was broke
But it's just a tale we tell, and tell well, but still it's told
It didn't happen -- not today -- but still it's written of old
And still there's something after nothing, brightest after the dawn
Wreck and burn it all you want, but watch the world spin on
And so it does, and you can think of that or ponder the reason
Anyone would turn on their own kind in such utter treason
As for us, we'll keep the story close and carry it deep
And think on how things could be different when we lay down to sleep
Because the rest of you can theorize with much hand-wringing
But Death*Star has to worry 'bout the song we're not singing