In-Con Sequential Art

Intro to Saturday's Warrior

Welcome to the story, cautionary or plain,
About a truly troubled trio with familiar names
In a world not so different upon first look
Except it's destined to be ending like the close of a book
Two tormented tale-tellers from dissatisfied places
And a battle-beaten beatsmith defining their spaces
Following what fate foretells and reaping deep of the power
That will march mankind forever toward the tolled final hour
It's a song sung by so many, full of loss and confusion
But this time brought forth by three who can destroy the illusion
And finish what others started, Death*Star calling quits
And admittedly taking too far the acts they commit
So sit back and listen closely to the tale on the table
And decide whether the three win or fail in the fable
Combining motives bent and vengeful, direct and ulterior
To rise from disaffected weeks and wake as Saturday's Warrior