In-Con Sequential Art

Respiration (exhale)

What, what now? Let me preach it to ya

Breathe out, ‘cause the hard part’s done
Did battle in Seattle and god damn it, we won
Setting sun, top gun; safety on in the holster
Put our feet on the coffee table, ass on the sofa
Gather ‘round, settle down while I tell another story
C0splay fills in the details while the Hennessy is pourin’
Circle it up; put some soul on the speakers
Bill Beats, the rockin’ DJ in them air mag sneakers
Special features on the B-side of another Death*Star evenin’
Acquaintances are leaving but the party’s still breathing
And I’m seeing all my Threeps as I smoke my cigar
Put your hands in the air so we can see who you are
We wind down, but you know we don’t stop
Kickin’ in the crib with Fridge and Klopfenpop
Rocks clink in the glass and it goes down smooth
As the Death*Star fugue rolls into a groove
Death*Starmy and the essence of the Emerald Empire
Draw some hookah smoke from when the roof was on fire
Desirous of dope rhyme and rhythm at the cipher
Ultraklystron, Shubzilla, other nerdcore lifers
Snag beers as I stand and stretch
Pay the host respects, give my seat to Sketch
The best part is when the show is through
And I’m chillin’ in the cipher with my best friends -- you

And it’s never what you think
Gotta listen to the Chaplin, Sketch tell ‘em what’s happenin’, I need another drink

Yeah, okay

Daps to 3P, raps and weed be
All I need; let’s get this party in a spin-dash
Tracks on repeat, never any sleep we
Gonna hit the highest heights and then crash
Been smashed, on a warpath to pass out
Ain’t no VIP unless you’re talkin’ ‘bout the couch
Cottonmouth redemption, yeah, I call it liquor
With an ill Bill beat in the back; none sicker
Talk a little quicker, snuggle with your bitch or
Kick it with the click it load it take a hundred pictures
God damn, the hookah don’t stop
Vanilla Rice with the hypes when the beat drop
I let the lady rock steady while I bebop
And wait for the moment when me and peeps sneak off
But in the meantime, I’ll just nod to the cipher
Uppercut the flow, call me Sega – I’m TIGER!

And you can never get upset
Death*Star & Sketch, give C0splay the mic, gotta blow a cigarette

Thanks sketch, take a drag for me
Guess it’s my turn to drop 16, C0splay, round 3!

Crash the arcade, splash some Kool-Aid
Grab a barmaid, get slapped – fools played
All night long, diggin’ deep as it gets darker
Spinning yarns, spitting rhymes, spinnin’ webs, Peter Parker
Smoke your pipe, cloves, or grass, whatever ya got
Take a drink, drag, a sip, take a motherfuckin’ shot
Hot up on stage, in the bar, on the streets
Now cool off with a few MCs and Bill Beats
This ain’t a special event, this shits a weekly occasion
Y’all will think we’re from California the way we be raisin
Up the roof with some soul, flows slam and swirl
Crusin’ classic groove funk, toe jam and earl
Flirt with Velmas and Daphnes and abuse the whiskey
Twister game, right cheek red, tryna get frisky
Fill up the cups and keep the party going
Death*Star in the house, forever furious flowin’