In-Con Sequential Art

Rap Fish [Fandom Menace Skit Version]

If we ever make a real version of "Rap Fish", these lyrics may change; until then, these are the offishal words.

Rap fish, catfish, whip out my gat fish
Rappin' 'bout plankton; you know I got ish
With this interstitial inter-fish-al; it's official, prawns on special
Just for the halibut swim up to the vessel
Dodgin' fish hooks while I'm yappin' with a mussel
You know this be the bottom feeder hustle

Don't trust the lure of the light, you eatin' power bait tonight
Get hooked, you'll be dancin' with a fish knife
Livin' the fish life, got no fish wife
Swimmin' in the school of hard knocks, takin' fish strife
Don't be hard-up, sunk down like a barnacle
But don't blink those fish eyes at me, I ain't your oracle
Just dance around the seaweed and watch out for the tentacles
Think I'm being metaphorical? The starfish is the pentacle