In-Con Sequential Art

Nintendo Hard

Might be a Little Mac, but unlike Nemo I never nap
4 tracks, percussion and effects snap
And you can’t look back, keep a zig-zag swivel
Tecmo Bowl over my brothers, from the bottom to the middle
To the top, climb ice, riding bubbles 'til they pop
Won’t stop, rad racer, fast pacer, robots
And goblins and ghosts, they die by the host
California Gamer from the T&C coast
Boast a closed gaze in a Battletoad speeder
Most would give way for this Mike Tyson beater
Night Simon leader, daytime castles for cowards
Got you shaking you controller like the plumbers shook Bowser
Fire flowers for breakfast, triforce for dinner
So toss out that Genesis, is you a winner?
A neverending Contra, a master of blasters
A long distance zapper, gaming 'til my hands shatter

Cartridge? Check!
AV? Check!
Light Gun? Check!
Start, Select
Robot? Check!
AB? Check!
D-Pad? Check!
Save, Reset

Pick it up, blow it out, pop it in, hit the power
Now's the hour for towering triumph, and I devour
All the mediocre jokers, never late to the hit
I'm throwin' bows - Nintendos - level 8 to the bit
Dig it; I'm natural caliber, I'm AB Select
High scorin', eyes soarin', and I may be the best
I confess, I've got advantages and skills I'm trustin' daily
The thrills of bustin' melee, chasin' Justin Bailey
Cheat codes are for poseurs; I don't need none
See me gun, number one, each level a speed run
I leave nothing in my wake except impressions and empty chests
Every combo a conquest in my record of many bests
Seek to challenge and be damned, cuz I'm the man with the mastery
I won't fake you, must break you; I admire your audacity
While tacitly I respect, vocally I destroy
And shatter anyone who ever calls my NES a toy

Cartridge? Check!
AV? Check!
Light Gun? Check!
Start, Select
Robot? Check!
AB? Check!
D-Pad? Check!
Save, Reset

Skate or Die or Popeye, Excitebike to Mach Ride
I glide; Duck Huntin' Bubble Bobblin' just to survive
It's my pride, my raison d'etre, the very blood in my veins
Changing lanes like RC Pro-Am, know the code like Ma Brain
I'm Urban Champion battlin', I'm rock n roll n snake rattlin'
Gyro-mighty, Balloon Fighty, Goonies 2 gun like gatlin'
Kung Fuin' I ruin your Clu Cluin'
Done cracked up, don't Stack Up, don't know what you do-doin'

Pick your brother, William or James
Luigi or Mario, Striker or Blade
Mega or Proto, what’s in name?
Brothers of Snow, Dragons of Flame
Three letter names stacked in hall of fame
Fuck a report card its high scores I claimed
Afternoons,weekends, callus trained
Go Nintendo hard or shut off this game