In-Con Sequential Art

Minor Net Celebrity [Ultraklystron feat. Death*Star]

We've been friends with Karl "Ultraklystron" Olson for nearly as long as we've been nerdcore artists, and he was one of the very first people in the scene to actually take the time to get to know us. We've since gone on to bro for life, and we were totally grateful that he made space for us on this track from Animatic.

Are you ready to meet / some web celebrities? 
Though they're not really known / they'll come down to your home
Are you ready to meet / some web celebrities? 
They are autograph signers / though their fame is so minor

Popping down to Shoppers for a snack or two / I got recognized by the whackest dude
Neckbeard like he was Richard Stallman / screamed out how he had seen me ballin
On SpikeTV freestyling freshly / had me sign the back of some chocolate, nestles
Said he loved my rhymes and hot production / invited me to some convention function
I asked him details and he relayed  / that it's a hotel party with some odd cosplay
A little freaked out didn't describe it / if this was a drink, i would not imbibe it 
So i turned down this awkward stranger / and not just because of immediate danger
It was below my status since i'm on Bing / and it's not my style of cosplay thing
I may only get recognized twice a year / but some might say i shine like debeers
I'm not as known as Antoine Dodson / though some might say i'm nerdcore's Godson
Staying in my lane though my lane's cat 6 / my flows like yarn to kawaii cat chicks
Minor might be my internet status / but at least i'm in that celebrity atlas
Here's the punchline, but it's not funny / recognized by honies though i don't make money
Hit the manga section, the customers are on me  / open up the pocket and the wallet is on e
And i would stress out, and change my ways / but when you search my name, myself's relayed
It's a pretty good feeling, like you'd know right / being an internet celebrity's so tight 


Up at midnight, catch the red-eye / bag check pre-flight, snagged by some guy
“you’re in Death*Star” he gaped and stuttered / eyelids fluttered, arched a brow and muttered
“that’s me, nice to meet you,” and shook his hand /“You’re the dopest, man! I’m your number one fan!”
“Are you famous?” shrug like molasses / so class when they ask; must be the sunglasses
Popped the sharpie and signed the cd / “props from 3p, pleasure to meet me”
Board the jet and overhear him decree / “holy shit – imagine me meeting Jesse D!”
Nerdcore life; it ain’t simple or sane / know my songs, know my band, don’t remember the name
Prob’ly heard of me and didn’t know me to look / but i got your brain for life with a Death*Star hook


Oh my god it’s Karl and 3P / where’s Bill Beats? Aren’t you a three piece
Please please, won’t you sign my CD / can’t believe Death*Star is greeting
Me, I’m about to pass out / that rap fish sketch is what it’s about
3p’s the best on gothic lolitas / y’all from Kirkland? I live in juanita
I totally relate to all of your stuff / like that cereal song, I love corn puffs
I like anime, Yugi, One Piece, Naruto, / loved your collab with Wheelie and Kabuto
3p, you know that I dig on comics / like Spawn, Punisher, Wallace and Grommit
Man, 3p and Karl, Death*Star is great / maybe i could be a rapper like you one day