What Did You Expect?

Remember how we were gonna release an EP on December 25th like the world's worst Santas?

Remember  what I said in the post just below this one when I made that announcement?

Amusingly, this isn't actually entirely our fault. See, all of the beats were done, all of the verses and hooks recorded and leveled, and the EP was in the process of being mixed. While this was occurring, C0splay informed me that some issues we'd had with guest vocals could not in fact be fixed by the supplementary vox we'd recorded.

What does that mean? Well, we have some guest vocalists on this EP (mainly for hooks), and we really loved what they sent us, but in a few cases there were slight errors in recording/delivery that needed fixing. We'd tried to go the quick route and just record ourselves doing backing vocals to shore up the missing pieces, but apparently what we ended up with was just garbage. C0s said, "Okay, so we can just release it as-is, because it's pretty damn good", and Bill Beats was like, "Whatever, I've put enough work into this project", and then someone was a killjoy.

I am that someone.

I want this EP to be good. It won't be great, because hey, let's face facts; it's our EP. But instead of embracing our laziness (like we always do) and putting out a product that's just okay, I wanted to fix the errors and put out something good.

The problem is that going this route means we needed to go back to collaborators on the track and say, "Hey, thanks, but you need to re-record that". When you do something like that -- no matter how nice you are about it, and I was really nice, because these folks are doing us the favor of being on our EP and we're the ones being picky about it -- the reality is that you're gonna get those re-recorded vox when you get them.

C0splay says that the EP will still be out this year, but it may be New Year's Eve before you get it. I say it's going to be out really soon, because New Year's Eve is two days away and I really don't know when we're gonna get those hooks. Time's gonna tell, as always.

Will the EP be worth the wait? Probably not, but you may enjoy it anyway.

-- 3PO 

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