We're Split Up and Featured on the VPC Compilation from Nerdcore Now

So, a while back we were in a competition on Nerdcore Now called the "Vocalist Producer Competition".  It was 5 rounds of challenges over roughly 4 months (three weeks per challenge with a bit extra during the holidays).  Each MC, however, could only pair with one producer, and each producer with one MC.  Death*Star then had to divide.  We formed two teams.  MC-3PO stuck with Bill Beats and knocked out 5 amazing tracks as *Star.  Myself, C0splay, teamed up with local hip hop phenom and all-around badass Sketch and released tracks under the cleverly titled Death of the Future  We also produced some very quality product, though it appears not AS quality as we only took 4th while 3P and BB nailed first.  All of the content from this competition by our two teams will be released to the general public through our bandcamp once we get done re-working some of the tracks and handling some other surprises.  A track from each of our teams, however, was included in the Nerdcore Now compilation.  The below image will also link to the bandcamp where you can find 3P/BB's "Unemployment Beach" and my/Sketch's "Geek2Freek". 

Why I bring this up, though, is that this is a seriously solid album with other, current, nerdcore performerss like Billy the Fridge, MC 117, Milk Plus, Shubzilla, Gigahertz (R.I.P.), Stone Sam, Shane Hall, and all manner of artists.  If you want to know what Nerdcore sounds like right now.  Check this out!

Oh my, and who are some of those handsome devils on the cover?  From top/down, left-to-right. 

Bill Beats, MC-3PO, Kabuto the Python, Beaker, XOC, Milk Plus, Sketch, C0splay, Billy the Fridge, Ill Gill.  The top five teams in the VPC battle - MCs and Producers

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