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Words are Wind

A few of you were odd enough ducks to pick up a copy of our Norwescon-exclusive EP, "Words are Wind", which contains our tributes to George R.R. Martin's epic series, A Song of Ice and Fire. We're huge fans (except Bill Beats, who can't read due to not caring at all about words), and we had a great time creating these tracks. Eventually they'll each find their way onto a themed EP for the setting, but for now they exist in the hands of a very slim few.

That said, those few lack a track list for the EP. Sorry about that.

01. Blackwater
02. Dragons, Wargs, and Three-Eyed Crows
03. Playing the Role [Skit] 
04. VoD: aSoIaF [featuring Press B]
05. Oak and Iron, Guard Me Well 
06. Envy, Lust, and Low Cunning [Skit] 
07. Though All Men Do Despise Us 
08. The North Remembers
09. Bill Beats is a Huge Fan [Skit]

Lyrics are forthcoming; I don't have time to post them at the moment, but I will within the week. EDIT: Lyrics are present, so I'm as good as my word. - 3PO

May your genitals swell and embiggen the way you'd hoped,