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Disk Space EP

 As presented to you by our good friend Ash -- without whom this EP would not have been necessary, so blame him if you hate it --  Death*Star presents to you all... Disk Space.

Though not on-beat, we did eventually blurt out the line we were assigned.

Some people would say an 11-track EP is an album. Those people are correct. For us, however, unless it has 21 tracks (at least 15 of which are songs), it's not a Death*Star album. So this... this is an EP.

Disk Space is a collection of tracks about and inspired by science fiction games modern, aged, and ancient alike. We brought along our pals Klopfenpop and Zilla Persona to sing a couple of hooks; we pilfered soundtracks, scores, and fan tracks to craft in-theme beats; we read a LOT of Wikipedia and game-wiki articles to do research. We smoked scores of hookah bowls dry.

Here's the track list, kids. I'll have the lyrics for you in the next week or so. For now, go listen to it, and hopefully enjoy it.

01. This is No Game [Skit]
02. Space Rocks (Asteroids)
03. The Gulf (Star Citizen) [featuring Zilla Persona]
04. Diamond in the Rough (Fallout 4)
05. Command or Conquer (Mass Effect)
06. The Games We Play [Skit]
07. Never Safe, Never Alone (X-Com) [featuring Klopfenpop]
08. Light at teh End of the Tunnel (Fallout 3)
09. Planet (Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri)
10. The Voice in the Darkness (Starcraft)
11. It's a Blizzard Out There [Skit]

Don't worry; this ends 2015 and begins 2016 for us, but we've got more in the works. We were working on this while working on a few other things, too. - 3PO

Space: the Current Frontier

C0splay has written a check that I am now forced to cash by declaring that our next EP, Disk Space, will be released on December 25th. Now, I could totally hedge and be like, "no year was listed", but I'm not gonna do that; I'm gonna try for this goal, and when we fail, I'm going to shrug and say, "What did you expect?".

In the meantime,  why don't we listen to something finished? Since Disk Space is all about science fiction video games, it only makes sense that the EP include a track about Fallout 4. I give you... "Diamond in the Rough".


Keep watch, kids; Disk Space is coming. - 3PO