Political Depression and the State of Death*Star

We're still screwing around.  We're recording stuff, we're setting up shows for the spring and summer.  We've got some exciting things and not exciting things in the future.  Just didn't want you to think we were gone.  Unemployment, divorce, marriage, and a rough election season has us strung out but we're not out entirely.  Follow our facebooks individually or us as a group.  

Oh and be excited for this thing, because it is indeed a thing you should be excited for.  This or another EP is coming out shortly (depending on who finishes what first) but for those who followed C0splay's team in the Vocalist Producer Challenge this year they may be familiar with it.  Some new versions of those songs are coming,and they're coming hardcore.  

 - Last Track on one of our upcoming EPs, Pastrami Sandwich


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