Absentee Landlords

World, it's 3PO. I slept through my alarm.

We're just awful about updating this page, and you all know it. We've failed to announce an entire album. We put out a free EP, and then we put out a different free EP. We recorded theme songs for two different podcasts. We did a song for an upcoming video game. Bill Beats and I competed (separately) in a music tournament C0splay judged. We ate a lot of food.

We didn't tell you about any of that stuff here, because there were other options available and I'm better at remembering to update them. However, I've added this site to my to-do list, so I'm gonna start doing it.

I'm gonna do it so hard.

I'm not making any promises or anything, but it may actually be worth looking at this bitch every now and again. We cool? Cool.

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