A Man's Touch

Hey, kids -- this is MC-3PO, finally posting something on this damn web site. I feel bad because you're all subjected to C0splay on this bitch, and he's terribly dull.

C0splay has put in a ton of work on this site, and that's awesome, because I think we all knew I wasn't gonna do it. But hey, now I'm here, and I'm updating things -- namely my blog and the new section, "3P Loves Nerd Girls". You should read them, because I am fascinating and there are pictures of Alison Brie over there.

On another note, how fucking awesome is that banner by our very own Death*StArtist, T0mm0d0r3 64? That man can draw! Note the extra-cool Death*Star logo in the center, and our very own D*S font. I feel like the King of the Internet.

In IRL-type news, D*S is inchage-in-the-pants away from finishing the recording of our first album, "The Fandom Menace". With about three tracks left to record and a bit of spit and polish waiting, it's looking like the album may very well be done by Norwescon, which means you fine folks will be able to give us money and receive a 20-track masterwork (or at least a half-assed effort by us) for about $8 US. We will likely post tracks up on Amazon, iTunes, and BandCamp, too, so if you just want it digital, we will totally give it to you digital. I'm more of an analog guy myself, but YMMV.

Stay frosty, Death*Starmy,


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