Rendezvous/Jewelbox Theater 2/20

Looks like we have another show coming up!

KIRBY KRACKLE, KLOPFENPOP and DEATH*STAR with special guest Double Entendre the Giant!! Will be preforming at the Rendezvous/JewelBox in Downtown Seattle on Sunday, February 20th. This will be a good one, don't miss out!

$7.00 at the door.

21+ (sorry kids).














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Happy Birthday


16-Bit Candles - New Music from Death*Star!

You wanted new Death*Star music and here is a taste for free.  We've performed this song a number of times when appropriate and now we've got it to stream!  If you just want to download the track, right-click the link at the bottom and click "Save Link As..."

Hope you all enjoy!




C0splay is Back

I'm back folks.  Updating the website on a regular basis.  I'll be hitting it pretty hard over the next few weeks.  Adding links, re-designing, and otherwise making it a more enjoyable experience for 3P and Bill Beats to update the site. 

A lot more pictures.  Some more videos, updates on the music video process, and some free content direct from Bill Beats' basement to your door! 


CD Release Party!!!



The Fandom Menace

We'll be releasing The Fandom Menace at the end of this month.  We're playing at the Blue Moon (we've updated the Shows section of the site) along with our DJ Bill Beats.  UltraKlystron will be there, keeping it real on the Anime tip and the, "been doing this for more than a couple years," tip as well.  This post, however, is more about the suffering that is this album.

Death*Star has put a lot of time and energy in this album.  More than will be apparent when people listen to the music.  Bill Beats, now the 3rd member of the band, is pretty much sacraficing hours upon hours of his valuable time being unemployed for this artistic project.  The Fandom Menace will certainly be better than the movie by the same name but that is no great feat.  That is like stating on your resume that you "ate the most french fries in one day at the Carl's Jr."  


In reality, a lot of things are coming together pretty well but we want to make you all aware of the pain and struggle this album has been.  In total we've probably spent over 40 hours on this album.  60 hours of recording, at least 20 hours of transportation and I don't even want to think about what amount of time DoubleB has spent on this project.  

Then there's the artwork.  T0mm0d0r3 64, the Death*Startist, has been working his creative juices to the bone.  Doing the panel work, the banner, and still needing to work on other aspects like backgrounds for this site, Death*Star patches, posters, and body-painting a nude rendition of C0splay onto MC-3PO's stomach.  The work doesn't stop at the writing, performing, recording, or mixing the album.  The art, promotion, pressing, and basically everything else that bands love to have labels for really makes this process much more tedious than it should be. 

So here's the deal Death*Starmy, come May 29th we're pressing 100 copies of this album and we need you to buy them all.  All of the copies on May 29th.  Please help Death*Star survive.  We need your money.  We need your charity.  We even got a dude to pay for our shirts.  

In other news, we're improving songs we've thought finalized for some time, we're adding backing vocals to improve songs that have needed improvement, and we're watching random clips from "The Karate Kid."  We are making sure to deliver the finest product from a dude's basement as we possibly can.  We're also setting up shows at retail stores, like Play 'N Trade, so keep an eye out for those.

I have been C0splay, and you have been wasting your time.


There's Work to be Done


I've updated the site pretty aggressively.  I've added the RSS feed section to make it easier to follow us and we finally have streaming music up in the top navigation.  My blog has been updated, as have the Movie Mash-Up and Team Muffin Comic sections.  Also, I've added the Band of the Week section which finds nerd music and connects you to it. 

Eventually this will all have some kind of posting schedule but until that time just keep checking back for updates.  3P should be posting up some further entertainment for the masses.  Keep an eye out for even more content as we move forward.  We'll keep you coming back to 

Next project, by the way, involves the lyrics section. 


The Megas


Before I was a Nerdcore MC, I was first in a video game cover band.  For those of you who are unaware of this genre (and by the way, WTF?  You’re on this site after all, you should know this) it is basically the act of covering classic video game soundtracks with instruments such as guitars, drums, horns, and a theremin if you’re lucky.  Bands like the Minibosses, NESkimos, Powerglove, and the Advantage are all excellent examples and rock out with their proverbial 8-bit cocks out.   

The Megas definitely slot well into this crowd of cover artists.  They stick to a theme, Mega Man, and run with it better than most.  They separate themselves not only with their focus, however, but also with their eloquent harmonies.  Yes, unlike most of video game music, the Megas provide vocal story-telling amidst face-melting leads and powerfully poppy licks.  How does it work?  Well, I’m glad you just read that question I typed out loud so I can answer it for you.

This quartet managed to come with something very fresh to the idea of the Mega Man mythos.  What of the perspective from the point of view of the robots the Blue Bomber battles?  Are they simply two dimensional foes laying in wait for their enemy or do they have a deeper side?  Diving into the dark side of the digital, dastardly droids, they write a near rock-opera telling of the conflict and desires of these so-called villains.

They nail it.  Both lyrically and musically this band manages a stroke of genius with near every track.  Re-arranging the music to mesh pop sensibilities with true-to-form play of the original complexity the Megas make feet tap at every tap-on.  This is why they’re so accepted.  Normally lyrical video game covers fall flat or are balked against, but when done this well it can only be recognized as some of the best geek tunes a nerd can grow teary-eyed with nostalgic memories to.  Nay, this is just some of the crème de la crème of alternative pop music in general!

They’ve got three primary releases.  Get Equipped was their first full length album spanning all of Mega Man 2.  Some of the most exquisite tracks include Quickman’s theme and Airman’s theme.  They then, with the help of another act by the name of Entertainment System, nailed the first Mega Man soundtrack in Megatainment.  Just recently they released Get Acoustic, the unplugged version of their first release.  All of these are available on their website for purchase and recommended highly by anyone with the ability to hear music. 

I’ll close with this.  The only critic one might have of the Megas is their emo-influenced lyrics.  To this, I’ll counter.  The simple, earnest, and aggressively emotional tale of Mega Man 2’s circuit board bounded brothers is in contrast to the straight forward and shallow original narrative of the game.  In their re-telling they turn Mega Man from a great platforming title with an amazing soundtrack into something that almost has meaning.  The simplicity delivers blunt but meaningful emotion.  The easy-to-absorb phrasing sticks in the mind.  The music makes me smile.  It should make you smile.  Go check out these native Californians.  They inspired our track, Rockman Blues, and deserve all the credit that I can give for well produced, well thought out, well constructed, nerd music. 

Go to their website, seriously!


The Clothes Make the Man


Movie Mash-Up Group 3

Dodgeball Z

Vince Vaughn is a warrior from an unknown planet with a tail and an amazing ability with a dodgeball. Ben Stiller is a vicious creature from outer space with many forms and even many more dodgeballs. Watch them fight in this twelve hour movie where nothing happens for the first 8 hours except shouting, glowing, powering up, and their dodgeballs turn from red to yellow. Oh, and what’s up with that character with no nose and the dots on his head?  And that talking pig?!

Van Hellsing

Hugh Jackman hunts down Alucard and the rest of the Hellsing Crew in this “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” inspired movie.  No Bugs Bunny though, only animated vampires, psychotic catholic mercenaries, and cannon fodder special ops humans. Trust me, in this version Hugh Jackman definitely doesn’t save the girl.  Alucard is so much cooler, plus the laws of two-dimensions are in his favor.

Bubble Boy Crisis

 Jake Gillin… Jake Jillan… Jake Gillianhol… HOWEVER YOU SPELL HIS NAME... shows up in this strange future city of crime and high action all while stuck in a bubble with his parents chasing after him (along with catgirls, robots, bikers, religious fanatics, and Mexican bikers). I know, I know, it sounds like a bad idea but that Donnie Darko card never runs out of credit.

Castle in the Sky High

Miyazaki is a genius. The producers of the movie Sky High are not. Watch them struggle to bring this film to the heights of glory and then dash it down with clumsily forced in family values and western European Christ-centric morality. It’s got crazy creatures, old people, super powers, silent robots, kittens and something else adorable in it. See it in Spanish though; better voice acting for Kurt Russell than his real voice.

Midnight Cowboy Bebop

There is nothing sexier than this idea for a movie.


Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend