Emerald City Comicon

I (C0splay) have attended ECCC the past three years.  Every year I spend too much money, exhaust myself of standing, and eat my favorite burgers in Seattle (more on that later).  This year was no different than the prior ones in those respects.  It DID have one major difference.

This year I was repeatedly recognized as "that guy from Death*Star," or, "C0splay, from that band."  Vendors, attendees, and other complete strangers came up to me, stated they recognized me, and made me feel like a rockstar.  I have come to terms with this at conventions like Norwescon, with the smaller audience and where we've played the official music track before, but not at something like ECCC.  It made me feel awesome. 

So let's talk about some general highlights and thank yous

The Portland Browncoats (PDXBrowncoats) were fantastic.  They sold our merch throughout the convention and had us on a geek music panel on Saturday that was full (not like, lots of people, but full to the point where people that wanted to get in could not).  They were all very friendly, helpful, laid back, and welcoming. 

We got to perform at Kracklefest 4 with Kirby Krackle and the Doubleclicks.  Burlesque, 3-kinds of geek music, and booze really rounds out a Friday at a convention.  I should note I nearly crushed Kyle Stevens to death during 'North of the Wall'.  Hodor. 

Saturday I carted around a close friend who had not to been to a convention in 15 years.  To see his reaction to the whiz-bang, cramped aisles, fan-splosion that ECCC has become was truly enjoyable.  Almost like traveling through time, watching how much pop/fan culture had changed and how floored he could sometimes be by it.  It was a new experience for me and it made me happier to attend.  Hopefully my friend will continue to return to conventions. 

Saturday evening was the best damned costume contests I've ever watched.  Efficient, interesting, and all with the bonus of my girlfriend winning first place in the comic book category. 

Sunday was a bit more relaxed.  It included a trip to my favorite burger join, Lil Woody's (the second trip of the convention) and a few last-minute bits and bobs to be picked up.

Realistically, it was a great weekend.  Met some very cool artists, performers, writers, and other such madness.  Special shout-out to the local comic book publishing company Around the Sound Comics

Also, if you want to know more, go listen to the Seattle Geekly podcast.



Eat the Cake. Dieting is futile

So, the below image was posted up on recently.  I (C0splay) appreciated it because, of course, I am fat and I love Star Trek.  I have no particular plans to get married soon, and I feel like I won't have much say in the cake if I do.  So, I must live vicariously through this.

Go to the below link if you want to learn more about this amazing cake.



We're Split Up and Featured on the VPC Compilation from Nerdcore Now

So, a while back we were in a competition on Nerdcore Now called the "Vocalist Producer Competition".  It was 5 rounds of challenges over roughly 4 months (three weeks per challenge with a bit extra during the holidays).  Each MC, however, could only pair with one producer, and each producer with one MC.  Death*Star then had to divide.  We formed two teams.  MC-3PO stuck with Bill Beats and knocked out 5 amazing tracks as *Star.  Myself, C0splay, teamed up with local hip hop phenom and all-around badass Sketch and released tracks under the cleverly titled Death of the Future  We also produced some very quality product, though it appears not AS quality as we only took 4th while 3P and BB nailed first.  All of the content from this competition by our two teams will be released to the general public through our bandcamp once we get done re-working some of the tracks and handling some other surprises.  A track from each of our teams, however, was included in the Nerdcore Now compilation.  The below image will also link to the bandcamp where you can find 3P/BB's "Unemployment Beach" and my/Sketch's "Geek2Freek". 

Why I bring this up, though, is that this is a seriously solid album with other, current, nerdcore performerss like Billy the Fridge, MC 117, Milk Plus, Shubzilla, Gigahertz (R.I.P.), Stone Sam, Shane Hall, and all manner of artists.  If you want to know what Nerdcore sounds like right now.  Check this out!

Oh my, and who are some of those handsome devils on the cover?  From top/down, left-to-right. 

Bill Beats, MC-3PO, Kabuto the Python, Beaker, XOC, Milk Plus, Sketch, C0splay, Billy the Fridge, Ill Gill.  The top five teams in the VPC battle - MCs and Producers


Death*Star - Live and Barely Breathing - Blue Moon

That's right.  We're back.  First straight live bar show in 5 months!  We're back at our home, the Blue Moon.  July 21st we'll be hitting the stage with Sketch, Project Euphoria and MC 117.  You got six bucks?  Are you old enough to get black out drunk legally?  Do you enjoy hip hop about robots, comics, and lack of sex?  Sure you do! 

July 21

9:00 PM


21+ at the Blue Moon



BoneBat Film Fest

That's right, we'll be at this, rocking out with Burning of I and some seriously scarey, seriously hilarious films.  All courtesy of the BoneBat Show!



Guess who has a new album? WE DO!

You can go snag it at the music site if you want to.  But it is finally out.  Volume 2 of 27 in the road to having one more album than their are letters in the english language.  This Album was produced by Bill Beats, and he's got a handful of beats on it as well.  3P and C0splay have given you 20 more Death*Star tracks to listen to in the background during more important tasks like masturbation, and Mantis marathons.  Lyrics are also uploaded and more related to this album will be uploaded soon. 

Oh!  And you can get to this by clicking our music link at the top or clicking this picture, or clicking the following phrase as if it validates the statement.

C0splay of Death*Star is extremely handsome.



Death*Star - A New Dope (a new album)

We've been working on this album for quite some time.  It is our sophmore release and with that being said, we're really proud of some of the tracks, and mostly happy with others.  We'll be playing at the Blue Moon on the 23rd of December with Billy the Fridge and Ultraklystron to release it physically to the public.  I'd like to say we're going to rest but we're already involved with a competition that is involving us and our buddy Sk3tch.  We're almost immediately moving to a B-Side/Mixtape release of covers and songs that didn't or couldn't go onto the new LP, and there's a lot of material for the third album already put together as well as some collabs being lined up with the nerdcore community. 

Anyway, just wanted to keep you updated.  See some of you on the 23rd, some of you on the internet, and some of you while you sleep. 



Toys + Art = Win

Sometimes toys are cheap.  Sometimes merchandise is just there to get cash.  Sometimes toys can be turned into art.  This is one of those times.  Here is a one of the photos from Rather Childish.

As you can see from the level of awesome that this is, the photographer knows what they're doing.  Unsurprisingly, as Death*Star, we are fans of Star Wars toys.  We came across these images while looking for some artwork for our new album.  We thought we would share.  There are dozens of photos on the wordpress blog.  The artist obviously has quite the stock of varied and rich Star Wars toys.  They focus on both the quality of the toy and the emotion of the scene.  Not simply re-creating movie shots but actually utilizing photography building blocks to make this all feel less like a fanboy showing off their collection and more like a photographer taking a new spin on nostalgia and geekiness. The photos and link at the top both bring you to the site where you will spend at least a little time enjoying the informative blurbs about each photo as well.  Now, go support this guy!




Bill Beats owns all of your 1s, and he's looking at your 2s!


Accept that you want to know this man more after the video.  Watch yourself, between the sickness of sound and spinning, you're gonna get dizzy!


Fun Facts!