5 Types of Fan It's Okay to Be (Despite Popular Opinion)

1. It is totally fine to start listening to a musician's work only after they've died and find out that you really like it. Sometimes that's just how it happens with art; you had no idea it was something you'd be into until there was a reason to pay attention to it.
2. It's totally okay to become a bandwagon fan because your team started winning. It's hard to root for a team that loses all the time. There's seriously nothing wrong with being a bandwagon fan because it's fun to cheer for winners and feel like you're a part of something. Just try to have the fortitude to keep being a fan even if they stop winning, and hold on to how it feels to be a part of the team that roots for people. It's good to root for people.
3. It is completely acceptable to be the fan that has no grasp of the deeper lore of the thing. You can just like one particular Doctor on Dr. Who. You can be a brand-new Star Wars fan who actually doesn't know a lot about series lore. You can only like the recent Star Trek movies and have no interest in the previous films or shows. People who know more about the subject than you are not gatekeepers to the fandom -- they're just different kinds of fans.
4. It is absolutely fine to only like one small part of a larger type of thing. Do you only like Pokemon and not any other kind of video game? Only a fan of Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo, but other anime leaves you bored? Do you like superhero movies but not comic books or cartoons? This is fine. It's good that you found the thing that appeals to you; there's nothing wrong with liking that and only that. It's like liking oranges but not lemons, limes, or grapefruit -- just a matter of taste.
5. It is 100% normal to be the fan who loves something but hates something about it. Star Wars doesn't have enough strong females for you? Firefly is great but you hate the theme song? Love comic books but find the weird conventions of sequential art offputting at times? No one says you have to love everything about the things you love. It's totally fine to admit that there are parts of things you love that drive you crazy -- we do this in relationships all the time -- so long as you don't let it turn you into a hater. No one likes the person who can't do anything except complain about a thing they claim to love. Try to tone that shit down.

- 3PO 

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