Movie Mash-Up Group 3

Dodgeball Z

Vince Vaughn is a warrior from an unknown planet with a tail and an amazing ability with a dodgeball. Ben Stiller is a vicious creature from outer space with many forms and even many more dodgeballs. Watch them fight in this twelve hour movie where nothing happens for the first 8 hours except shouting, glowing, powering up, and their dodgeballs turn from red to yellow. Oh, and what’s up with that character with no nose and the dots on his head?  And that talking pig?!

Van Hellsing

Hugh Jackman hunts down Alucard and the rest of the Hellsing Crew in this “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” inspired movie.  No Bugs Bunny though, only animated vampires, psychotic catholic mercenaries, and cannon fodder special ops humans. Trust me, in this version Hugh Jackman definitely doesn’t save the girl.  Alucard is so much cooler, plus the laws of two-dimensions are in his favor.

Bubble Boy Crisis

 Jake Gillin… Jake Jillan… Jake Gillianhol… HOWEVER YOU SPELL HIS NAME... shows up in this strange future city of crime and high action all while stuck in a bubble with his parents chasing after him (along with catgirls, robots, bikers, religious fanatics, and Mexican bikers). I know, I know, it sounds like a bad idea but that Donnie Darko card never runs out of credit.

Castle in the Sky High

Miyazaki is a genius. The producers of the movie Sky High are not. Watch them struggle to bring this film to the heights of glory and then dash it down with clumsily forced in family values and western European Christ-centric morality. It’s got crazy creatures, old people, super powers, silent robots, kittens and something else adorable in it. See it in Spanish though; better voice acting for Kurt Russell than his real voice.

Midnight Cowboy Bebop

There is nothing sexier than this idea for a movie.

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