Movie Mash-Up Group 2

Con Air Bud

A marvelous family film where a dog, convicted for killing a criminal while in the line of duty, has spent ten years in prison. On the day of release the very same plane intended to deliver Bud to fredom gets high-jacked by a Russian dog-napping service with plans to sell the prisoners on the canine black market in Siberia. With the help of the flight attendant and his closest prison buddy, coincidentally released on the same day, Bud manages to save the plane and return to his family only to have to play in the finals of the NBA! Six thumbs way up!

Day After Tomorrow Never Dies

Pierce Brosnen fights his most sinister villain yet in this action packed disaster film. How will he outsmart Mother Nature and her frozen surfaces? Can he overcome the ice or will the ice outsmart him? Will his chest hair, plentiful as it is, save him from the impending doom of freezing?

Hard to Kill a Mocking Bird

Steven Segal, known for his masterful style in martial arts and his top quality films, manages to land the best role of his life. In a town where African-Americans are disrespected, mistreated, and mocked Steven Segal manages to overtake the seperatist, bigotted white folk; both in and out of the courtroom. See him protect the guilty-before-proven-innocent ‘Boo Radly’ as portrayed by Rob Schneider in this fantastic book adaptation.

Pitch Black Sheep

The dream has finally come true. David Spade, Chris Farley, and Vin Diesel star in this buddy comedy where a loser brother (Farley) gets sent off on a bounty hunting mission with two others (Spade and Diesel.) With his klutziness and gross obesity the laughter just rolls from the belly out of the mouth. Plus Vin Diesel kills a lot of people and that’s always cool.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back to the Future

Marty McFly and Luke Skywalker master their Jedi powers and moral compass in this confusing Sci-Fi epic. With a time machine, a girl, another girl, a Wookie, a Bully and a Crazy Doctor that was also a Jedi, following the plot is a bit tiresome; but so was the movie Twelve Monkeys and you all already saw that didn’t you?

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