Movie Mash-Up Group 1

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures in Baby Sitting!

Join young, teenage-wasteland influenced Bill and Ted as they baby sit a clan of misfit unruly adventurers through time and space while trying to do a final report via the help of a desperate for work George Carlin.

Jaws: The Revenge of the Nerds

Due to a fraternity challenge the team from Tri-Lam have to once again geek it up; but this time in the ocean. Great conflict appears as they run afoul of a large flesh hungry sea beast known only as JAWS! Crazy antics, danger, and science all come together in this masterpiece which culminates in a triumphant techno finale to defeat both the man-eating shark and the Alpha-beta jock house.  Make sure to enjoy this victorious telling of dorkish underdogs overcoming great obstacles.

Malcolm X-Men

Chris Rock stars as the wise cracking funny man Malcolm X.  After being exposed to gamma radiation in 1961, Malcolm finds himself not only an activist leader for the black community but also having super-human abilities. See him team up with favorites such as Wolverine (played by Rob Schneider) and Rogue (Molly Shannon) in this farcical take on both black civil rights and the X-universe.

Indiana Jones and the Last Star Fighter

Okay, I know the theme of "Movie Mashups" is to create a ridiculous combination of two unrelated movies, but honestly, this movie would be awesome.  Any who challenge me will be met with my wrath and my glove in a duel to the deal!  You may choose the weapons, the time is high noon.

Little Big League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

A young boy inherits the League after his grandfather dies.  The League, comprised of great players from the past such as Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb and some other guy that played around then, go about drinking and beating their wives to fight crime and overcome the cruelty of their greatest foe… Professor Moriarty. Rated R for; violence, sexual themes, and poor scripting.

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