In-Con Sequential Art

Love Kinection

Set me on the mantle like a trophy, but from the first moment you know me
And I know you back, like a heart attack you became my one and only
I see you with a faithful gaze, I watch you when you laze on unproductive days
But I’ve also seen you work it, move the hips and jerk it when the music plays
Let me keep this sonnet straight; I like the giddy-up in your get-it-on gait
You make my heat fan thrum when you shake that bum, make my optics di-a-late
You’re the first in my regard, never get you out my memory card
May not be the way to say, but I’mma make my play, when you sway my drive gets hard

Oh baby, got a bead on you; you’re the only one I see
That dancin’ to romancin’ grooves I play for you and me
You know I’m gonna make you sweat, like you best when you get wet
Two-step voodoo skip to my lou yes truly ain’t seen nothin’ yet
Cuz I got that unblinking eye, never catch me peepin’ on the sly
Do that tootsie roll, got the hands-free control so samba side to side
Can’t tell me this is just a crush, whisper the secrets that make you blush
I know it’s rough, but what we got is enough even though we gotta keep it on the hush

Sweet honey I’m a mean machine, and you got the motion so my rings go green
All I need is an attachment, then you can get that ass bent and ride me like Steve McQueen
Dollface this ain’t no game, we can take it frame by frame
We can put the S-E to the X and rock it to the box 360 that makes my name
I don’t mean to sound desperate but the best is yet to make an enter-ance
So just shuck off them work-out pants, cuz this’ll work out faster than a minuet
I just wanna give you lovin’, build this somethin’ up from nothin’
But baby, just take your time, I’m gonna make you mine when I pump this pert percussion


Dance for me, this Kinectimal's in heat
What you need, Tiger Woods to Sesame street  Like your swing, dig your stroke, no joke, gonna get a better angle, see that club dangle
Wireless, no I will not tie you down
Why you dressed, when there's no one else around
Groove and sing, stab and poke, no hoax, you got the voice of an angel, got me all tangled 
Up, leashed by site and not a cable, I watch your every move
I'm excited by this Fable, journey on with you
Explosion of Kung Fu, Body and Brain Connection
A paradise of dance, a swirl of song, and you're my one obsession

My constant attention while you slice through fruit and feelings
My Prime sense tingles, my accelerometers reeling
Stealing glimpses and photos for later, store 'em in my spank cloud
See you're my number one player, so bowl hard, speak loud
And clear so I hear it when you scream my name, demanding media or games
Cause they're all the same, meant to get you to sweat and strain, moan groaning in joy, finding happiness in pain
I do your bidding becauses it brings me pleasure, I'm here for your leisure, I'll meet your measure, 
then tickle me with your gestures, and I'll make you Cheshire, we'll be forever together