In-Con Sequential Art

The Light at the End of the Tunnel [Fallout 3]

Born into a subterranean arcology
No knowledge of biology external to my planned and sealed ecology
So all apologies; I guess you'd say I'm new to these parts
Kicked to the curb due to the circumstance of blues in my heart

And that's a start, but it's hardly all the story
Daddy issues like a magazine, no destiny or glory
So I thought, but what I got was my first foray in the sun
Blinded and burnt, I stumble step by anxious step to Megaton

I'm carrying tractor trailer baggage on my bad back
Rubbing elbows with the extended background cast of Mad Max
And that's a sad fact, but what's sadder is my vault suit and veneer
Of health and optimism mark me for what passes as a hero here

I've got this gun (this fucking GUN) and no real sign of pops
The clues are scattered, what's it matter? When's the next shoe set to drop?
I'm taking work for cash -- or caps, I guess -- and maundering through the muck and slog
Of burnt-out husks of yesteryear -- oh shit, is that a fucking dog?

So it seems I've joined the Brotherhood of Steel
Power-Armored 'gainst the harm with all that Old World look and feel
I've got an arsenal of firearms strapped 'cross my buttressed back
Stomp to the Capital and maybe we can take the fucker back

And I finally got word about my father
Some kind of project with his peers about the purity of water
It's got the rotters in the Underworld all in a fucking tizzy
But now the Enclave is involved; oh shit, these factions make me dizzy

I've mowed down a dozen dozen Super Mutants, but I found
A shiny green apple stewing in a cell down underground
He's got my back, a ghoul guards point -- I bought his contract
While a canine scouts the wreckage like the beta male of dog pack

I'm reaping knowledge here -- trade caravans, good chems, just where to hide
I'm taking notes and thinking maybe I should write my own Survival Guide
The lion's pride is gonna make its mark, some way, somehow
And you can hear about it all on GNR -- bow-wow-wow