In-Con Sequential Art

Jerkin Off [3D6 feat. Cliff B, Ronald McFondle, & Death*Star]

The only lyrics we've got for this song are our own. If you want a copy, you can download it here; it's fucking terrible, though, so don't say we didn't warn you.


Feet on the couch watchin' cartoons; son, I'm tellin' you
When I catch a flash of Cheetara, my staff is swellin', too
Many memories of childhood, when breasts were new to me
Sittin' gawkin' with cock in my hand, awkward in puberty
With Scarlet, Lady Jay, and a boner up for the Baroness
Feelin' it to Teela and Princess Peach is perilous
Rub one out for Rogue and flogging it for Phoenix
So much aink for the wank I'm peelin' paint off my penis

Don’t even ask me about Jessica Rabbit; jerkin’ off to cartoons is a bad, bad habit


Never had desires to perspire over actresses
Action is the muse the stains all my mattresses
Wank my Walker, caressin’ my cactus
Aggravate my Atlas, molestin’ my Magnus
Try hard, I’m hard, working my Rambone
Wetting my wet Willis, Stroke Suburban Commando
Blade fills me with blood, Rocky could rock me
Rake my rogue, Hand Solo, don’t get cocky