In-Con Sequential Art

Hit It Out the Park [Brenden Myles Harkens feat. Death*Star, Stephen Spears]

This track is a sort of lost collab we did with Brenden Myles Harkens, who contacted us out of the blue via Bandcamp and turned out to be a hell of a nice guy. We nave no idea where you can get the track; the final version didn't have our vox lined up properly, though, so it was kind of painful to listen to, even though our final lyrics are actually pretty good (for us).


A swing and a hit, hear ‘em call from the booth
A little pudgy in the middle but with game like Babe Ruth
I’m the truth; biggest hero to the mob
Clever wordy like Yogi, talkin’ dirty like Cobb
And it’s my job to hit the easy ones I see on the street
I toss my line sidearm and I throw only heat
I’m the man you wanna meet, the MVP of every game day
All the ladies love my willy, maybe you’re the next to say-hey
My steez are league illegal cuz they’re so damn dope
Ladies runnin’ out of left field to catch my frozen rope
I pop I’m so fly, jolt the Julies in a jiffy
With the belles of the ball make more connections than Griffey
Samurai like Ichiro, I swing it unique
No franchise for them other guys, just call me the Freak
Just a single at bat and then it’s off to the races
We’ll both slide to your home after I touch all your bases


Baby I don't play alot, hang mostly in the dugout
Shot caller, sure, baby take that rug out
Drugs? Doubtful, Don't need performance enhancers
Don't much care if you're a fan, stranger, or dancer
I'm a romancer with a curve ball pitch
Gonna splitter, slurve, slider, changeup, switch hit
Doesn't matter, cause I'm aimin' directly for your box
Toes curling in those white sox, C0splay don't stop
After 7 innings, hit your bottom with my nine
Double play, every day, got something I can sign
Cause you'll want my autograph after this grand slam
Sign any body part you want, no I don't grand stand
Chicken Man, Big Unit, could use a happy jack
And after that home run make me a classic snack
A post pud bud with a dog to put me into your good graces
Then I'll take you for another run around the bases