In-Con Sequential Art

Fifty Dolla' Word Y'all

I keep a lexicon in lockdown, frontal lobe cocked
Blunderbuss at the ready for a short sharp shock
Raconteur with the rapid-fire patter of poetic
Patois in the pejorative, I’ll vex your dialectic

But since you paid admission, pull up an ear and listen
I’m about to cause some friction with my dexterous rhyme and diction
I discourse with celerity, untouchable in verity
It’s nonpareil, all others fail to achieve any parity

Think of it as arrogance -- some call him narcissistic
Realistically it’s simply that he’s mastered the linguistics
Of a nerdcore rapper who dispenses verbal pummelings
Even hardened MCs find it rather humbling

Exercising expertism over my vernacular
My execution transcends into the spectacular
Fortitude, zeal, jocularity, and wherewithal
A geeksta eidolon -- that’s a fifty dolla word, y’all

I actuate melioration among the poetasters
Neophytes are acolytes and I’m the nerdy Zoroaster
Sermonating elucidation unto the chorus
Set the charlatan chanteurs chasing after my thesaurus

It’s clarity I cherish of the myriad virtues
Requisite of compere rappers in the battue
Brothers battling with beats, but my stated symbiosis
Augments my acclivity to achieve apotheosis

Clearly you've flexed your tongue and your vocabulary
But an audience appreciates an editor's constabulary
Reining in your ego – I'm the Cliff's Notes to your book
Making sense of your florid words and gobbledygook

Discombobulation is the hallmark of my trade
Compensation, prestidigitation in my serenade
Lingual legerdemain lets me elate and enthrall
I'm a verbal thaumaturge -- that's a fifty dolla word, y'all

Ascendant fabricators, ostentatious as they encroach
Invertebrates and reprobates entreating my reproach
I castigate these deluded diluted dilettantes
Whose gaunt gallivants reveal what little they have to flaunt

I haunt concatenated consciences like a specter
Revelate inadequate quatrains like a lector
Lackadaisical lyricists who lallate and lisp
Had best skip this diss to copulate with their fists

Notes for the groundlings, here's the basic premise
He's good and he knows it which makes him quite a menace
Lazy MCs crumble quickly under highbrow heavy language
Every syllable delivered dealing Jean Claude van Damage

Educate and edify padawans like a pedagogue
Dialogues divulge catechisms and I'm a demagogue
Pontifex and psychopomp priming the proletariat
If mediocrity's the medium I'm its Judas Iscariot

Callipygian ecdysiasts sojourn in my harem
Adscititious to opulence antecedent in alarum
To the prolix illuminatos all presaging my fame
Vouchsafing sagacious augurs to archive my name

All this eloquence exhausts the mind and lost me an ear
Too many brain cells have died on TV, Porn, and beer
I may not know what they mean and the cost's too high to pay
but I learned some new words from MC-3PO today

Antiquity educes paragons for those who reminisce
It’s foreordained, my consecration’s no parti pris
A maelstrom of acumen primed for the squall
I’m a rhapsodizing sibyl -- that’s a fifty dolla word, y’all