In-Con Sequential Art

Family Man o' War

War; the tide is endless on this alien shore
I feel like nothing makes sense anymore
You got the tech and the magic, it's senseless and tragic
And damn it, I've had it, I don't know what it is that I'm fighting for
I drop my blade in the dirt, I feel I've paid for the hurt
Call it surrender, whatever, render my end I assert
That the blood that I've shed is all I've got in my head
And the dead are much too loud for me to utter a word
I'll take the chains, I call it penance; may I find absolution
Revolution run to penitence until execution
And the kindness I'm paid assures my soul has been saved
From the grave; I take your hand and find resolution
You tell me run, I tell you run with me; this can't just be chance
Within the hate and the hostility, we've found the romance
And it ain't perfect; we'll work it somehow we're gonna get by
You and I, do or die, tell me, enemy -- may I have this dance?


We’re freelancer followed, a hard thing to swallow, a hideaway hollow
But we couldn’t wallow on Cleave 
So we’re disappearin’ like Waldo, blast off in Apollo of wood and although
We knew it was almost reprieve
'Cause family is all that you need, a sword broke at the knee
Some Blue spoken from me, a bloke wrapped up in she
With clipped wings and harsh things spilled from lips sweet
Us three, three and a babysitter, on a good luck streak
To fight the Will and give in on a vow
A gather of loved ones all unsafe now
A sweaty brow an unsteady bow and a timesuck to plow
Our fortune to stardust to dust, ashes to ashes
And with the birth of the babe, the grandfather passes
Would it always be panic and would it always be caskets
Would it always be my chest that the heartbreaker blasted?


A writer at the greeting, now a prophet with a meaning
While the family does the bleeding, I tire of the screaming
Circuit streaming has my eyes reeling, and a bit of dreaming
Of a life without the feeling, that the universe is scheming 
Against us, forced wanderlust, never settle our roots
Conspiracies and hunters, never escape, never get loose
Stalkers and exes, all of it left behind
Looking for a home, looking for some peace of mind
I put down all my weapons so there's two arms to hold you
Go to sleep, little Hazel; all those battles are old news
My old shoes keep moving 'til I find you a refuge
A sky that's free of fire; little girl, the gods bless you
Never want to fight again, but if I must, then I must
Call on luck, my will, and providence; in love I will trust
And in the space between the stars I'm going to find you a world
And I'll be damned if I let soldiers lay a hand on my girl