In-Con Sequential Art

Do Unto Others

Former Duplo, now Lego, fitting into the slot
Correct connection, right foundation, buildin’ upward and hot 
Used to feel like a bottom feeder now I’m at the top
Found the Doug to my Skeeter, no longer bullied by Klotz

Several cuts, now I'm uppin' my strut
Pimp swagger, Mike Haggar like a punch in the gut
Tag team trio, Death*Star on the rise
Racin' to the finish, first car catch the prize
There's an interest in infamy, a flame to the fame
Cut the corners and the throats, catch all the blame in the game
The song ain't the same; new lyrics and a dope-ass beat
Spring in my step, hot kicks on my broke-ass feet

Spitting rhymes, spending dimes, quarters and bennies
A metropolitan man, no more dinners at Denny’s
Plenty to go around for this former Clark Kent
With a Bruce to spruce my truth, darkness on the ascent 

Wreak Havoc
Cause Panic
Wreak Havoc
Cause Panic 

Got more pennies in my pocket than a Lincoln museum
Sway playin' for days, we gonna carpe that diem
Livin' large on our lethality, we villainous kings
We got that big band bravado and we killin' the swing

Add to that, Bill B, banging out the rhythm
Craft my war on the worlds, shatter shit like ‘Clysm
Listen, I’m not saying we’re the second coming
Initial toe tappers, plate scratchers, head humming
Drumming beats and running stages transferred to wages
And to quote my collaborator – writ large on the pages
Headliners, definers, a cultural Empire
Fitting name for the Death*Star, we’ll set you on fire

Destiny is testin' me, I'm drawing all aces
Fat cats in the stratosphere, we clawin' small faces
Because fear works like gravity; you're drawn to the dark
And when fate done flourish then a pawn makes his mark

Wreak Havoc
Cause Panic
Wreak Havoc
Cause Panic 

There’s collateral damage, considered no bystanders
There was suffering before we threw up our banners
Unintended consequences don’t hassle my guilt
Slice a few stories shorter for our legend to be built
Three men, four horses, death, war, rhymes and beats
See ‘em head nodded, bobbing, dancing dead in the streets
Carved in complete, end chapter of the story
Death*Star, elder gods, apocalyptic glory

Titanic manic trio each returnin' the call
Got them end times comin' and we burnin' the hall
Doombringers with the shimmer-shine of perishing stars
Feebles runnin' from their Ragnarok; we cherishin' ours
Flexin' and projectin' while our fame is gettin' fatter
No charge for service rendered; got the only Bill that matters
Overlords oblivion, no family or friends
We got that last page comin', and we writin' "The End"

Wreak Havoc
Cause Panic
Wreak Havoc
Cause Panic