In-Con Sequential Art

Coarse & Desperate

The hour is imminent, find me unpenitent, looking forward toward my destination
There's acceptance in this combination; stronger now after unification
Powerless in my history, that's through the mists for me, and it's no mystery
Found companions for my intensity, this is my destiny, now it makes sense to me
It took a trio to bring forth my brio, no solo mio, know where all the rest are
We've gone from powerless to power-fullest, from stones to bullets, desolate to Death*Star
Feeling stronger now in this belonging, these rights we're wronging, vindictive vindication
Straight up to the top with augmentation, detonate with domination
This all feels so meant-to-be, this fate that's leant to me, no sovereign entity
All three united is my new identity, all elation acting out my enmity
But beyond that I won't dissemble; the world will tremble now that we've assembled
Cower now before the dusk-dimmed devil our alignment's grown forth to resemble

Switching between bearable and terrible 
A caring fool that had to pair with two to tear the wool
From the world, from the vapid boys and selfish girls
Lyrics hurled toward the fan base, sad waste
All those people in audience now past face
I asked grace, then grandeur
Placed to end this, with my tambour
Clamor toward my history, the mystery isn’t that complex
A path of good intention turned to yellow bricks, a rolls and a rolex
Convex is a pauper pressing passionate toward infamy 
If it be that it is me that brings the end of things
Let them sing, let them fall, let them come one and all
Cause I won’t stall this fortune, and I won’t give it hesitation
For all the deeds this whore’s done, no redemption in levitation
From a forgotten poor son, to a global celebration
And while he’s the coarse one, I brought desperation