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Telltale Games Should Make All The Storylines

Telltale games, linked if you aren't familiar, is currently pretty famous for it's work with the episodic Walking Dead series as well as Wolf Among Us, based on the Fables comics.  I gotta say, I'm a complete addict to all of their point-and-click, story-based gaming.

SLAM THAT ZOMBIE HEAD INTO THE CUPBOARD QUICK!Upcoming they'll be doing a series on the Borderlands universe, which is good because I feel that FPS games, even well flavoured, can't quite reach the depth that is clearly in that universe.  Gearbox built a beautiful world and Telltale is just the right alternate game developer to let that world explode all over your eyeballs as you make choices and move through quick time events.  Also, they're doing a Game of Thrones series, so that has me hard; like rigor mortis hard.  I'm a fanboy of all things Martin, including his beard and dock-worker looks.  He's like if Santa lived in Boston and instead of bringing you gifts every year, he brought death.  


HO HO HO. You've been naughty.I realize that Telltale could really make so many games that would almost inevitably fail as any other genre.  Everyone wants a Cthulhu-based insanity game, but only Telltale could give it the hard, brutal choices that would pay homage to the proper insanity.  Powers could have easily been a Telltale series.  Shit, I'd play a MLP game by them, assuming the characters are all starving to death and being hunted for their delicious pony hides (which would give you power of some sort, like the ability to attract lonely adult males).

The thing is, this is one of the best studios out there and I would gladly shell out $5 a week for them, which means ten ongoing titles that they could be producing at my lieasure, as their "seasons" are usually five episodes long.  

Think about it.  Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, Borderlands, Game of Thrones, Cthulhu, 100 Bullets, MLP: The Hunted, Baywatch Nights, Cupcake Wars: Red Velvet Violence, anything by Phillip K. Dick, Daycare: Only the Strong Survive, etc..


The list goes forever.


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