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Facebook is a nerdy 10 year-old girl - Curiosity 


So we landed Curiosity on Mars the other day.  I know this because Facebook has made sure I am aware.  Now, I understand that I am a fairly nerdy dude with a lot of nerdy friends.  I expect to see updates on solar paterns, mathematic-based humor, parody songs, Firefly lego builds, and NASA projects.  Here's my gripe on this.

Nobody posted damn thing about this mission before the 7 minute blackout and the actual landing!  Now, don't nail me to the wall in somantics.  I'm sure one-or-two of you reading this might have been like, "Man, I can't wait for that Mars landing. I'm gonna line it up with my masturbation schedule and try to cum right at touch-down announcement." I'm sure that was on Facebook, somewhere (or at least Reddit). What I am saying is, massive wave of excitement out of nowhere for a pretty typical mission.  Not even the first device landed on mars, and it won't be the last.

Here's the deal, folks.  I love science.  There is a 100s-of-Trillions-of-gallons ocean floating around a blackhole in space, caused by oxygen atoms slamming into hydrogen due to gravity pull, that could keep the galaxy saturated for millenia.  We're discovering earth-like planets closer than we every suspected, and realizing space-flight as a privatized industry.  Rover on Mars?  Not as exciting. Why? Because there is no humanity involved and nothing original.  

Yes, Curiosity, via rotating satellite, will get us more data on images, minerals, surface area; but it has been done.  Not to this detail, sure, but it isn't a new thing.  A man on Mars, that's what we want.  We don't have the budget for that. This is why it was simply a Facebook fad, and not a building story.  No human connection.  A good old, "wow, that was awesome, now back to anime porn," falling from everybody's lips.  In a week, we'll all be more excited about fall season television coming back (of which I am very excited for myself).  So just a heads up, community, don't pretend like Curiosity is this amazing revalation in your life.  We know it isn't.

I think that is what gets me. The thrill/excitement that is posted with it. "OMG!  The hardest 7 minutes of my life." Really??!?!?! I hope so, for your sake; and mine.  For if your life is so simple that the landing of a chem-lab-on-wheels is the hardest 7 minutes of your life, well, I'll have to murder you and take your life. 
Anyway, it just annoyed me.  That's all for now. 

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