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Death*Star vs. NorWesCon

Death*Star attended our first NorWesCon this year.  We performed and were on a couple music panels to entertain a crowd most usually accustomed to filk (a sort of nerd washed folk).  There was much trepidation at the concept of Nerdcore hip hop at this convention.  Never done before, would the crowd appreciate us?  Would they even understand what we do?

The answer was yes but we’ll get to the performances and panels later.  The first thing I am going to address in this blog relates to the parties, and more importantly, the drinking!  Now, I’m not a Con-virgin.  I’ve dipped my theremin into PAX repeatedly as well as SakuraCon and I always come out on the other side with only mild itching and a need for over-the-counter topical creams.  However, Norwes was the first time I actually stayed at a convention and it was a different beast entirely.  The parties being thrown by Biohazard and Dethcon basically melted my liver with strong drink after strong drink delivered from nerd hands directly to my mouth (like in some sort of geek communion) for a reasonable donation.  Bacchanalias with topless women covered in water or KY, fermented drink flowing, offers of intercourse and gaming at every turn made my head spin as much as the booze.  I felt, for a moment, that I was in Gomorrah and I was ensnared by its seductive sins of the geek and non-geek nature. 

Amidst the three solid nights of drinking, and three mornings of trying to avoid a hangover coming to swallow me up grue-style, we had panels and performances to do.  Panels included a Performance Enhancement judging, which was really not what I was thinking it would be.  It was centered around judging how people perform songs in front of audiences.  As 3P coined, we were clearly the clowns of the panel and pretty much there to make others giggle.  The second was an education panel on geek music outside of filk.  We could have gone on for 3 hours on ourselves alone, but managed to mention a few other acts of noteworthy prowess in the geek culture (both in and outside of Nerdcore).  Each panel was entertaining for the audience, or at least they were polite enough to pretend, and both were really just advertising for our show Saturday night.

Now, having never performed at a convention, we had no real clue how it would take.  Would people show up?  Would they get up to leave right after hearing the first song?  How long would setup take?  Would the microphones work?  All answered minutes before the show much to the stress of this Nerdcore MC.  It was sparse for the first five-to-ten minutes and then the room filled up nicely.  The clarity on the audio was fantastic.  Every word audible and enjoyable to the point of laughter and applause during/after every song performed.  The crowning achievement was when some adolescent children, with mother in tow, walked in and after two or three songs had to walk out (most likely due to profanity, sexual themes, and the fact that I gesture to my crotch at least twice every verse).  Great performance, but more importantly, great experience.

So what does it mean?  Will we be back next year?  How many con girls in corsets did 3P hit on?  Did C0splay end up in bed covered in Pixie Stix dust and shame?  Well, the answers to all these questions are blurred by booze, boobs, and bodices.  For now I’ll just say, thank you NorWes.  Hope to come back next year. 

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Hey - posted some big ass roses for your show and geetar mopy panel up on the Norwescon 2010 onions&roses thread. Ignore the onions and the geek rage...

Hope you can do another show next year!

p.s. Love the con EP, and more importantly, that Death*Star candy was imbued with magic powers, like chocolate lembas.

April 14, 2010 | Unregistered Commenteragirlinabox


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March 28, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJosh

I just read this after being a Crypticon... as one of the first Generals in the Death*Starmy I must contribute to this rant.

NorWesCon was fantastic and the descriptions that C0s has supplied in the post are a tame way to put the debauchery and copulation that is the convention scene here in the Pacific Northwest as I assume it is everywhere else. As for the booze and hangovers, it's hard to have a hangover if you're still drunk, am I right? And not only were the Deathcon and Biohazard parties great, the after after parties were even more exciting.

This wasn't actually my first time at NorWes; but it was my first time at NorWes for more than 6 hours. Amazing! And all of you who happen to read this, if DS is back at NorWesCon (or any con for that matter) buy tickets and show up! You owe it to yourself.

-HomeSkool... OUT!

June 1, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterHomeSkool

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August 31, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterBertoni

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