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Thank You, Death*Starmy

I’ve been in bands (admittedly worse ones than this) since I was sixteen.  I’ve been regularly performing at all-ages clubs, open-mic nights, bars, and events since I was seventeen.  In those ten years of performance I have run across all number of friend, fan, hater, bar patron, bystander, and live show addict.  Never, in that ten years, have I been gifted with such a great experience as the fans and friends of Death*Star. 

I’ll start with the fans.  You guys that found us through Myspace, twitter, a friend of a friend, or any other manner always surprise me when you come out.  To have someone listen to a handful of songs and be willing to take some time out of their day to come see a band and hear more is a real compliment.  Busy lives and a continuing surge of isolationist behaviors in our culture make that a harder task every year and yet you come out.  We fuck up our lines and you come out.  We perform the same songs over and over again and you come out. And not only do you come out, you drag people with you.  You make me, C0splay, feel like a real performer and not just some guy on stage that is replacing the overhead stereo in a bar. 

Some fans even learn our lyrics, which basically melts my face with shock and amazement!  Anytime I see someone out in the audience singing along, or rapping along depending on the part of the song, with any one of the Death*Star songs I almost lose my place in the song.  There are Death*Star songs that I still have trouble rapping and I’d wager some fans know them better than I do.  That is just outright impressive.  It makes me feel good inside every time I see it.  Thank you for the compliment. 

Next, I’ll get to our friends (some of which are also fans).  This really divides into three categories.  There are friends of ours that go out to support the band even if they may not be huge fans.  This, in previous musical acts I was in, constitutes a large portion of our friends.  However, in Death*Star, I do believe that this number dwindles.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate you taking time to come see Death*Star on your own accord even if you aren’t big fans of us.  What I’m saying is, I’m glad that (and I’m making a leap here) most of you aren’t forcing yourselves to our concerts out of obligation due to friendship.

The second crowd of comrades are the Death*Star loyalists; those of you that come out to every show possible.  You are a great group of people.  You are the ones that know the words, ask us actively when our next show is coming out, pester us repeatedly about the album, and otherwise continue to affirm our desire to progress as a band.  You also help pay for our drinks, food, and gas to a show through your patronage which is also very much appreciated. 

The third crowd, for lack of a better term, we’ll call the “friends with benefits” group.  No, not groupies, but rather those of our friends and fans that offer their own creative services to help us out.  Your offers have included coaching us as a band, helping with our marketing, helping out with our sound, offering money in support of merchandise, or offering your art services.  All of this demands at least a thank you.  My mind reels at the idea of you guys all getting excited enough about Death*Star to actually help its success.  You are what keep this band going on a mechanical level. 

Future blog posts will be funnier, shorter, silly, and less honest.  But for my first real blog post I wanted to make sure it was about the most important part of Death*Star.  Our fans.  Thank you Death*Starmy!

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This is a response to your april 1st rant....
I was able to see you guys at the Skylark Cafe on March 24th....
I was impressed. You have a lot of fans (not just the friends that go out to support the band even if they may not be huge fans). It was amazing how many knew the words to your songs and sang along. I am not an expert on Nerd Core Hip Hop or any type of Hip Hop for that matter (my favorite genre being country), I thought you guys were pretty good and I enjoyed it. Just letting you know you have a 4th type of fan. Your Mother

April 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCosplay's Mother

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