In-Con Sequential Art

BoneBat Show Theme [Death*Star Remix]


Horror flicks, hot chicks, and sci-fi book picks
Say what pisses you off, tell us a joke about dicks
In the mix you got the Death*Star tellin' you where it's at
Steve and Gord, oh my lord, bowin' down to BoneBat
Podcastin' your asses in nerdy masterful classes
Speak the speak of the geek to all the Internet masses
Take your glasses off, we're set on droppin' bombs on your dome
We're in your home, pull up your bootstraps, it's time to burn chrome

Dirty jokes from the nerdy blokes chewin' on them Kirby loads
Of that quirky counter culture, wrapped up in their wordy show
B-Movie holy men, wombat, metalhead
Politics, amen, independent artist friend
Reneassance casters of the full fan spectrum
Nonchellant notables break through the bedlam
of bullshit, quick wit, crit hits of the populace
Vulcan thought with some Romulus, rollin' prime like Optimus