In-Con Sequential Art


Loyalty owed over earned to the rightful ruling royal
Malice in matricide turns the tide from middle-born’s spoils
Toward the righteous and the rigid, we stood frigid on approach
Larger host, midnight ghosts, coasting clueless to our roast
Mirthless mercenaries soon incendiaries scream a Nightsong
But this Caron won’t be carrion as the duty carries on
Throngs of brawn battled on until dawn regardless of danger
And with hope gone, weapons drawn, in darkness the Stranger
Greeted all, whether Hasty or Wylde
Laced in their guile, we tasted the bile
Of the bitter defeat of the weak hand of incest
Lit green, bright and bleak, all for a half-man’s interest
A bold stag slips death, from one fire to another
And we fall, all, sons, fathers, and brothers
Lands promised to others, under Foote we are smothered
As my light slips away, embrace the arms of the Mother

And it burns, while we drown
Nothing earned, for a crown
Horor turns, cast astern, sinking down
And it burns, while we drown

I'm just a farmer, not a knight in armor
Harmless 'til I'm armed and added to a larger legion set to swarm
I've never battled better than a bull, a Bulwer boasts, a Wull
From coasts I've never seen is ghostly pale; we face a foreign host
I've never even mooned for maidens in the homestead
Now I'm sleeping in the silt and lonesome for my own bed
Quaking in my boots; da always said I was a bonehead
And now I'm wondering if this war will end and leave me stone dead
Alone, bled to the bone, a soul without a shepherd
A stick for a spear to hold the shore for Swann or Lefford
Have I grown into the soldier son I truly hope I am
Or will I live long enough to find myself a broken man?
Ships to the bay bringing soldiers my the dozen
Under banners unfamiliar, Stag and Lion, cousin killing cousin
Arrows to the target, wildfire burning hotter
As the green fires greet my final fall into black water

And they drown, while we burn
Stood our ground, honor earned
Turning round, sinking down, cast astern
And they drown, while we burn