In-Con Sequential Art

Back in the Day


In the day we played on the late night games

Little kids talkin' trash, callin' each other bad names

While our mothers ordered pizza to fuel our flames

To dominate our brothers and lay our claims

Who's the best at the SNES when it came to Tetris

Lines cleared that night was our greatest stress

No considering things like homework or class

Our only focus was the digi-di-digital contest

Shift events to another that would give bragging rights

To the winner and the victor most often that night

Whose thumbs were most nimble, combos most tight

Who would be the master of the next street fight

And now I look back and it makes me smile

Because we didn't know that after a while

Manhood wouldn't be proved by gaming miles

But on ability with women, our income and style


High scores, high fives, high spirits, high hopes

Lettin' Link and Lando learn us all them licorice ropes

Four kids on the TMNT arcade playin'

Like the fate of the world rested on their fingas slayin'

Bebop, Rocksteady, Krang, Foot Soldiers, Shredder

Winning as a team, everybody puts up three letters

Made our mark, spent our quarters, life achievements on the playground

Steady rockin' props from the other kids who say, "Now

that was a good game.” Hit it on the Sega

When it came out in a home version six months later

Took forever to wait, it was forever ago

Things get so complicated once you start to grow old

No more Christmases and birthdays waiting for the big prize

Stick it out 'til payday, pick it up at Best Buy

Still holdin' on to the games that we play

Nothing ever beats what we had back in the day