In-Con Sequential Art

Back from the Dead ["Back in the Day" Parody]


From the Dead we rose out our late night graves
Just a crowd, not a mob, shambling we're slaves
To our hunger, ain't no wonder, it's brains we crave
Drooling for gray matter, has us out in waves
Don't worry, don't hurry, we're not great at the chase
Just a little, just a nibble, just a taste of your face
All your screaming, and your crying, such a crime, such a waste
Clearly you bl-blu-blubbering just a fear sweating baste
Not enough we're undead, got us marathon staggering
Drop parts in pursuit, got me zombie walk swaggering
Ate my own tongue, so no talking no chattering
Just voracious vicious hunger has our lunch boxes scattering
Don't worry -- this is only the beginning
From food to undead, you're wandering and winning
Flesh gone from your cheeks, salivating and grinning
Cemetery bells chime, time for dinner and sinning

Fresh corpse, post-life, post-spirit, no hope
Just a wet death rattle and a limp in my lope
Four letters, I am D-E-A-D, decayed, preying
On the face of some girl, got me slaying and buffeting
Deadite, revenant, ghoul, undead, or zombie
Feeding as a horde, everybody cryin' for their mommy
Taint our marks, spread disorder, got us teething on the brains
Chow down, lickin’ chops, dodging little kids who say
“Now shoot it in the brain!” mow ‘em down to the Omega
Man who comes out of his home with six shooters and the Jaeger
There’s forever of us since forever ago
Things get so overwhelming once the dead overflow
No more families or friendships, no villains or good guys
Just a mass of monsters bringing on your demise
Still holding out for the goodies in your head
No one will ever beat an army that came back from the dead