In-Con Sequential Art

206 Geek Theme

Strap on your headphones, nerdlingers, because it's time to get your geek on.

Who's got the latest? Who's got the greatest? Who puts dork thoughts in your head?

Set your compasses north by northwest, ladies and babies; it's time to rhyme in the pines.

206 GEEK!

From the shores of the Sound to the Needle renowned
Out in pivotal digital, this is Internet-bound
Comics in the mix, genre kudos flicks
Every week for the geeks up in the 206
Be it Batman or deadpan, we're up in your head, man
Animated, elated, and kicking up like the Foot Clan
Gaming tabletop, never stop, Wii, Playstation, or Xbox
Nerd elite and offbeat, Eazy-Seazy to Seahawks
Pen and paper, rollin' critical; ooh, here comes another
C-c-COMBO BREAKER, pulse-taker of pop culture, my brother
Todd Sellers is the teller; Death*Star's just the herald
Like a big, bad plumber takin' hammers to your barrel
Equal parts wise and witty, all around the Emerald City
Got the podcast, good 'til the last second (one Mississippi)
Gimme all the facts, bump them nerdcore tracks
206 Geek all on your leet-speak, nerds, just relax

Decepticon on the lid, we inovatin' like Cid
We like our coffee like our ferries and our game conventions, Big
Do ya dig, we ain't all about fish throwin', IT knowin'
semi-colon; Microsoft, Amazon, Bungie software flowin'
Rollin' deep with the judgement, a gathering of mages
Planestalkin' 'bout the comic culture poppin' these ages
We're pouring through the pages of silver and golden years
Let our opinions educate you while we entertain your ears
Cause you're our peers, clear as fresh repaired spectacles
Oculus reparo got you wrapped up in our tentacles
Redicle, deadsight, AFK, late night
Broadcast podcasts Todd & Joe Delight
Light brights bending words of the walkers and Walken
Hardwick vs Wheaton, or some quick Takei talken
Drawing Drew to their squakin', hottie heroes they're stalkin'
206 geeks speak all you need to be grokkin'

If you're an import thrilla snaggin' swag at Pink Gorilla, you're a 206 geek a 206 geek
If you're AFK bound, north or east of the Sound, you're a 206 geek, a 206 geek
If you went to EMP for Tron or TNG, you're a 206 geek, a 206 geek
If you're hittin' up a barcade, spendin' all your week's pay, you're a 206 geek, a 206 geek
If you're addicted to the novelties at Archie McPhees, you're a 206 geek, a 206 geek
If you enjoy some pipe smoke on a duck truck boat, you're a 206 geek, a 206 geek
If you get your fandom on at a half-a-dozen cons, you're a 206 geek, a 206 geek
If droppin' all your income, tourny trollin' at Card Kingdom, you're a 206 geek, a 2006 geek